You’ve never seen a gaming truck like the one in San Diego! The Game Cave Gaming Truck is fresh and ready to party. It has all of your favorite games on board with high-def TVs, Xbox One consoles (including 3 exclusives!) PlayStation 4s as well Virtual Reality stations so you can play whatever fits best for any mood or occasion. Get ready to get your guests blown away by our state-of-the art 50″ high definition LED screens and 2 extra PlayStation stations. We’ve got all your favorite games like Corona 6, Call of Duty 4 etc., but not only that – Our trailer is equipped with everything you need to watch your favorite sports or fights. We have satellite dishes perfect for those tailgating parties! And to top it off, our trailer is also equipped with the best surround sound to play your favorite music inside and outside of our trailer!

We have a huge selection of the best multiplayer games for XBox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Our games library is constantly being updated, so if you have a particular request, just call us ahead of time and we’ll try our best to accommodate. And if you have your own games, feel free to bring them along – but please make sure to label them before you bring them in. The Game Cave Gaming Truck takes no responsibility for lost or damaged games. So come on down and have some fun!

Pricing for The Game Cave Gaming Truck varies from one area to another and occasion. Whether you’re looking to lease our truck for birthday parties, school events, fundraisers, corporate events, or any special occasions. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you get the most out of your experience, and our competitive prices will leave you feeling satisfied. Contact us today for more information and pricing.

The Game Cave’s gaming truck is the perfect place for people of all ages. However, we do recommend that participants be able to read and follow directions. Our suggested minimum age range begins at 6 years old and older. Players under this age may participate with an adult present at most times.

We typically arrive at your location approximately 20 minutes early to park and set up in advance. Our Game Coach makes sure that everything is perfect for you before we start! When the event starts it’s all hands-on deck with tips or requests handled by our staff as needed throughout; once done gaming everyone can simply pack up their own stuff – no heavy lifting here whatsoever!

Our Game Cave Game Trailer requires clearance of approximately 55-60 feet in length (7 parking spaces), 12 ft. in height and 9′ ft. in width (width of a standard truck), reserved with cones or some type of marker. The theater and truck, while they may block your driveway, will fit in front of most residential locations. The Ultimate Game Trailer ideally needs a level area to ensure the best playing conditions, and for the safety of the guests, we prefer to pull up to a curb. When your residence isn’t an option, consider a local park. However, when choosing a location other than your residence, it’s your responsibility to obtain any necessary permits and/or authorizations for your local city prior to the event.

Our starting time begins at the time you contracted us for as long as we arrive 10 minutes earlier. One cause of our biggest delay in getting started on time is due to parents and their guests having to move their cars out of the way. To ensure your event begins on time, please have space allocated at least 20 minutes prior to your event’s start for proper set up. We highly advise you to have all cars moved from the area we are parking in before we arrive so that you will get the full time period that you booked.

No, we don’t allow any food or drinks into the video game theater. Please have your guests consume them outside of the trailer prior to entering.

No, we have a very powerful generator on-board to power the game truck and take care of all our electricity needs.

Our mobile video game theater can accommodate up to 33 individuals playing simultaneously. The game truck can have 21 inside and 12 outside. We can host large format events as well, rotating “players,” but a two hour event is most successful with 24 players or less.

Tips are not required but it sure is always welcome.

The Game Cave’s philosophy is to go “beyond gaming” and we have done just that. We have a wide range of occasions that we can facilitate for you. From birthday parties to graduations or school events, our company is here for all your needs! No matter what kind of event it may be – corporate meetings and retreats; bat/bar mitzvahs, weddings, family reunion. We’ll make sure everything goes according to the plan so everyone has an enjoyable time. A Game Truck with a difference! 

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